Almost Burnt My Face Completely 3 Months Ago After Using A Pimple Removal Cream I Bought Online…That Didn’t Work At All…But "This Secret Serum" Saved Me...

Cries out a 27 years old ex-banker based in Abuja after trying 5 different pimple removal products.

Dear friend…..

Are you currently struggling to remove that ugly pimples, dark knuckles, and wrinkles?

Have you tried other products in the market but none of them worked for you and now you want to give up?

If yes, then, this will be the most important letter you will ever read this year-

Here’s why…

In the next 3 minutes, I will show the uncommon, most effective and quicker way to permanently remove all your pimples, dark knuckles and wrinkles so you look very young and beautiful…

But first..

Let me tell you a few story about myself…

My name is Agatha from Abuja

5 months ago, I was really struggling with ugly pimples and dark spots all over my face.

Worst thing is..

I tried 7 different products that didn’t work for me at all…..

As a matter of fact ….

The 5th product I used nearly burnt my face…

Oh my goodness, I will never forget November 2020…

I stayed indoor for 2 weeks simply because my face was burnt…

I couldn’t bear the insult and shame…


I just couldn’t…

It was at this point that I told myself that I’m going to look for an ultimate solution to this problem.

One Friday afternoon, I stumbled on a product that remove pimples, dark spots and wrinkles…

Thinking about my past ugly experience buy the product….

But the other side of me that loves trying new things  decided to give this one a trial…

Since I saw lots of testimony from people who have used it and got amazing result….

I decided to give it a trial…

I bought one bottle and used it

I was totally amazed at it’s effectiveness….

All the ugly looking pimples and some dark spots in my face dramatically disappeared…

See how I look right now after using this product…


After the sudden disappearance of all my ugly looking pimples and dark spots….

I knew that this product really works and thinking of what other ladies might be going through.

I decided to recommend this product other ladies that might be  going through what I passed through.

And that’s why I ran a promotion for this ULTIMATE FACIAL SERUM that  helps you clear all the pimples, wrinkles and dark spot in your face so you can look beautiful forever…

You can call the seller,  Mr. William on 0803 475 4233 to get your own serum before it  runs out of stock…

But before you do that

 Let me show you why this serum works so well first, then you can decide if you want or not…

Have You Ever Wondered Why Although You Are Exactly The Same Age With Some People But They Still Look Younger Than You?

…not only this. You may have seen some people that look as if their skin do not age. No matter how old they get.

The Reason is Because They Have Plenty of Protein Called ‘’Collagen’’ On Their Face This Keeps the Face Firm and Tight…

Below is a screenshot of the function of collagen from a health website.


As You Grow Older Or Use Make Up Your Collagen Begins To Disappear and This Makes Your Face Sag….plus dark spots begin to fill in

The Moment You Start Losing Collagen; Your Face Begins To Sag, dark spots begin to come in  and Wrinkles Set In. 

Right now it is happening to you.

All the side  effect of your make up are kicking it.

Aging is bursting open your collagen and shrinking all of them to death.

…it would get worse as you grow older.


And as your face sags it would squeeze it up and shrink it till you start looking old and haggard.

What You Need Is To Pause The Aging, remove all the dark spots  & Shrinkings Happening Inside Your Face Right Now…

The question you may be asking now is ‘’How can I do this?’’

    Simply Replace The Collagen Already Lost On Your Face, And Then Grow Back More To Fill Your Face And Make It Tighter.


This Is How


Science has finally discovered a solution for wrinkles, pimples and dark spots.

And right now you can be able to easily remove wrinkles, pimples and dark spots from your face and look beautiful again.

It sounds too good to be true, yes, but it is really true.


  • Works with no side effect
  • Instantly removes any dark spots, pimples or wrinkles in your face
  • Makes you look 10 years younger than your actual age.
  • Gives you the confidence and beauty you deserve
  • Gives you a glowing and smooth face.



This serum was discovered after 2 years of rigorous research by a team of 8 professional Chinese dermatologists.

And that is not all; here is an even more absolutely “shocking” proof of this serum’s effectiveness.

After we started bringing in this serum into the country, and just 2 weeks after one of our buyers started using this serum, she was able to achieve this mind-blowing result in the picture below:

And she isn’t the only one!!

More than 1000 persons, just like you, have already bought this serum….and every single day the testimonies keep pouring in.

It is totally amazing…..this serum is practically taking the whole of the country by storm and its effectiveness is completely blowing people’s minds – big time.

  It only takes 7 short days for this serum to kick in and start knocking the wrinkles, pimples and dark spots off your face, by the 8th day you’d start seeing visible signs of improvements.


In less than 18 days, more than half of your wrinkles, pimples and dark spots would have been wiped off, and by the 23th day you would be looking 7 years younger than your real age – completely guaranteed.

This is Not Sold Anywhere Else in the Country 

But you have a chance to lay your hand on it today.

When you place an order for a bottle, we are going to send it to you and you only pay after the product has been delivered to you.




That’s not all, when you order today, you’ll get a FREE Facial cleanser

  and FREE Face mask that makes the serum SUPER-EFFECTIVE.

This face mask is originally sold N4,500 but when you order today only, you’ll get it FREE


STEP 1: Tear open and bring out the mask

STEP 2: Wear it on your face to fit in the nose, eyes and in the mouth.

STEP 3: Allow it to be on the face for 25 minutes then you remove and dispose.

 NOTE:The face mask is used only once

You’ll get a special FREE SHIPPING package to anywhere in the country when you order today. You pay for just the product when we deliver to you….

Here are 4 Likely questions that might be going on in your mind right now and satisfying answers to them

Que #1: does it have any side effect?

No, it doesn’t have a side effect. You are assured of using a natural product without a single side effect.

Que #2: how long do I use it before seeing result?

That’s a very intelligent question, our customers usually see result in 7 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and  4 weeks.

 However we advise you use it consistently for 30 days if you wish to see a MIND-BLOWING result.

Que #4: if I place order now, how soon do I get it and is there any other charges I will pay for delivery?


When you place your order right now, you’ll get the product delivered to you in 24-48 hours and No you don’t have to pay any extra charges for delivery because delivery is FREE.


Now you have all the necessary information you need about this product, what exactly is going to happen next?

Are you going to keep living in shame and embarrassment because of how your face looks or are you going to take the bold step today to completely ELIMINATE all the pimples and dark spots in your face so you can look very beautiful and take away?


The DECISION is up to you.

Whatever you DECIDE, we wish you the best of luck.

For questions, please call  William on 0803 475 4233

WARNING: The Price Is N12,000 For One bottles plus all the FREE bonuses

 Please do not fill in this order form if you don't have N12,000 ready to collect this product or if you're travelling in the next 24-48 hours.  

We have a very limited stock left in our store and delivery is on first come first serve.

So if you're not ready to pick up in 24-48 hours, please don't fill the form