If You Don’t Burn Out That Stubborn Excess Fat From Your Body In 60 Days Of Using This Natural Coffee, Come Back To Me And I Will Refund You Whatever You Paid For It . . . I’m That Confident About This Product.

Dear friend,

You can watch that your ugly looking fats that’s heaped in your tummy,magically disappear in just 60 days or less if you act on the information I will reveal to you in just a moment from now.

You probably don’t believe that outrageous claim but hark unto me first and I will show you that it’s completely possible.

How did I know?

Because I personally went from weighing 125kg to weighing 90kg and blasting off every fat in my tummy in just under 60 days.

Let me show you real time proof so you know that I’m here to tell you cooked up stories.

This first picture was me on October 2019 when I was still overweight with ugly looking tummy, miserable, overwhelming, and unattractive

The second one was me after I discovered a secret natural weight loss solution that worked effectively for me without exercise.(I will tell you about it shortly)

The first picture was when my whole life was in a mess.

I had high blood pressure due to my excess fat . . . it was very difficult to breath, sometimes when I lie down on the bed, I can’t stand up until someone help me out.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, it take a while to force myself up and out of bed, after being rudely shaken out of my slumber by that stupid alarm clock buzz, buzz, buzzing in my ear

When I look at my mirror, I would see  an old version of myself staring back through the mirror With bags under my eyes, dry & graying hair, wrinkled & dry skin.

When I looked down each time I get dressed,  I would see an ever-growing stomach, soft, “flabby” fat, and a body that has become weak, tired and soft.

It was that bad…

Back then, my marriage almost crumbled. My husband was cheating on me with a sexy, sweet and hot lady called Benita).

Did I mention that I tried series of ineffective slim pills, teas, drugs but NONE of them worked?

In fact . . . with the kind of money I spent on weight loss products that didn’t work.

If anyone told me that I would ever TRY another weight loss solution in this life, I could have called that person a mad person.

It was an ugly experience that I hate to remember.

Now, I want to show you how I was able to come across this breakthrough solution that was a game changer for you.

One evening, I went out to buy clothes for myself . . .

As I entered the boutique, I saw some beautiful and amazing dresses but I couldn’t find my size . . .

NONE of them could fit into me . . .

I felt terribly bad.

Why is my life this messy? I asked myself.

 I can’t even wear the cloth of my choice, I can’t boost of living a healthy life, and high blood pressure is still eating deep in me.

I was shattered and I wept bitterly.

If only God can take away this problem from me (I said to myself).

Not to bore you with my annoying and embarrassing story.

One afternoon, I met a longtime friend, her name is Ifeyinwa from Lagos state, Nigeria.

I was shocked at her shape the moment I saw her . . .

I mean . . . this is the same lady that was overweight 7 months ago when I met her last. (She was weighing more than I did)

So I asked her about what she used to get such FAST result and she introduced me a natural green coffee called SISI BELLA GREEN COFFEE”.

In case you are wondering how my friend looked before and how she looks after using the natural coffee.

Here is her picture below so you know I’m not making this up. (It is a real life story)

After I saw such an unbelievable proof, I decided to buy it for myself.

I bought two packs of this SISI BELLA COFFEE because I wanted to test it to ensure that it works.

I used it every day for 60 days and went back to weight myself . . .

You won’t believe what I saw.

I went from 125kg to 85kg in just 60 days.

And the beautiful thing was that I didn’t do any hard exercise, I didn’t go to the gym, I basically started eating healthy meals as directed by the seller while also taking my natural coffee.

That was it...

That’s how I went from 125kg to 85kg in 60 days and I have maintained that weight for over 9 months now without adding more weight . . .

These days whenever I step out, people are always surprised at how sweet and hot I look.

Maybe they thought that I would still regain those excess fats.

It never happened. . .


Anyway, why am I even telling this story to you? Simple.

It’s to show you that if you have tried every products out there but none of them worked for you, you should try this “natural green coffee”.

And before you say, this people have come again.

They just want to sell to us and take advantage of our situation.

Just hark unto me.

Let me show you more record-breaking testimonials from people who are just like you that have used this natural green coffee before. . .

After seeing the proof yourself, you can decide on what to do.

Here’s Maryjane, from Lagos state

She explained that before she came across this green coffee seed, she have tried over 5 products that never worked for her but when she started using green coffee, everything changed for her.

You can see for yourself in the picture below. I’m not making it up.

Let’s talk about Bisola from Ogun state. She struggled so hard to lose her excess fat that it nearly made her fiancée to abandon her until she tried our natural green coffee and the rest became a history.

She still thank us till today.

I still have many more proofs to show you but I don’t want to bore you with that . . .

Ok . . . I have changed my mind, let me show you two more real life testimonials from those who have used our green coffee.

This is Linda from Enugu state  . . .

She told us that her life was a mess before she used our green coffee.

She would suffer from joint and muscle pain. Sometimes, high blood pressure all because of her excess fat.

But today, the story have changed and she now enjoys a more healthy life.

And the next in line is Gift from Edo state.

Gift’s problem was her tummy, it would always look like she was pregnant whereas she is not. The excess fat in her tummy was just scaring. At a point she even thought it was fibroid.

When she narrated her story to us, she never believed it would be possible to burn those fats EASILY but just take a look at her tummy today.

Don’t you like what you saw?

We still have more amazing testimonials from our past customers

We have loads of testimonals. Yesterday a customer from Edo state called us to order another two packs. We asked her how the results have been so far and she sentthis image below to us

I promised not to bore you with long proofs. So the question I will like to ask you now is.

Are you ready to burn out that stubborn fats from your body so you can look sweet and hot again?

How much does your green coffee cost?

  • Well, when you consider the fact that it will help you burn out ugly and excess fat in your body and allows you to live a healthy life FREE of obesity related disease like strike, kidney-problem hypertension, diabetes and the rest. . .
  • When you consider the fact that you will stop wasting a lot of money on fake products that won’t work for you.
  • When you remember that it will also help you look hot, sweet and sexy in cloth which you have always dreamt of.
  • When you remember the fact that you will stop using other harmful pills, and teas that have dangerous side effect to your health.

You will agree with me that if I price this coffee at N60, 000, you won’t say it’s that expensive.

But I wouldn’t even do that, I understand how hard Nigeria economy is right now.

That’s why I have price it so affordable that anyone who truly want to burn out excess fat could afford . . .

You can get a pack of this green coffee today for just N20, 000.00

Someone said we must be crazy for giving such effective product at an unbelievable low price.

And that one pack will last for 30 days. That’s one calendar month. . .

That’s right . . .

We have two packages.

The second package contain 2 packs of green coffee which cost only N40, 000.

And if you buy 2 packs today, we will add one extra FREE pack for you.

Absolutely FREE . . .

Just order for 2 packs and get one extra pack added to you for FREE.

One more thing: you won’t pay a dime for delivery, we will pay for the packaging and delivery to your doorstep. . .

All you need to do is to make sure you have your money on the day we scheduled for delivery so that once we come to your address, there won’t be another different story.


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You missed out!

Please make sure your phone number is available because we will keep in touch via phone call after you place order.

And I’m not even done yet.

For those who order today only, we will reward them with a FREE surprise gift that will make you call us to thank us once we deliver to you.

It doesn’t matter which package you go for. Once you order today, you automatically qualify for the FREE gift.

But of course those who order for 2 packs will get a HIGHER gift.



Text your full name, correct phone number and full delivery address (please include your city and state) to 09037650781. Once we receive your message, we will call you to confirm your order and deliver you within 24-48 hours . . .


All you need to do is to fill in your correct delivery details in the form below and click on submit button and we would call you to confirm your order and deliver within 24-48 hours.


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It’s very simple and easy to do (even a primary school dropout can do it). . .

Let’s talk about how to use it.

Firstly, please note that if you have ulcer, you can use this product but not on an empty stomach.

And You don't need to blend it, you just have to boil it.



STEP 1: Take 2 tablespoons of the coffee and add one mug of cold water.

STEP 2: Boil it for 20 minutes on low heat.

STEP 3: Separate the seed from the water and drink the water.

Note: don’t finish the water at a time. You can drink it for 3 days and you can reboil the seed or you can throw it away and boil a fresh one.

Whichever one you choose is fine

You can also chew the seed because it has lots of amazing health benefits like:

  • It lowers high blood pressure.
  • It reduces excess blood sugar
  • It glows the hair as scrub
  • It firms saggy skin over time
  • Plus many more….

If you are not an ulcer patient, you are to take it on an empty stomach early in the morning.

That’s it . . .


  • If you use our green coffee consistently for 60 days and you’re not completely satisfied at the result you get.
  • If you don’t see a significant drop of excess fat from your hip, tummy, hands, legs etc.
  • If you apply all the healthy tips and strategy we will send to your phone weekly as you are using this coffee and you don’t see a significant result in the next 60 days.

We will refund whatever amount you paid for this product and still call you up to sincerely apologize for wasting your time all these while.

All you need do is to let us know and we will refund your money to you.

  • No stories
  •  No Questions
  • No hard feelings.
  • No need to shaye.

We will just transfer back the amount you paid us for wasting your time.

And we will personally call you to apologize for wasting your time.

Why are we giving such guarantee?

This might sound crazy to you but it doesn’t to us.

We are 1000% confident that you would be amazed at how your excess fat drop as you use this coffee and you will never ask for your money back.

In fact, you’ll call us and buy more for your friends.

Just Try us . . .


  • First, I showed you how I struggled so bad with overweight and told you my terrible story.
  • Then I revealed to you how I was able to breakthrough and what I used.

  • Plus: I showed you the health risk of being overweight and how it can damage your life.
  • I gave you an opportunity to order the exact product I used to breakthrough at a ridiculous amount.
  • And lastly, I’ve given you a world class, IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I have done the best I can do for you.

It’s now your turn to make a life changing decision.

PS: When you order this product now, you are automatically qualified to receive our weekly FREE weight loss and health tips straight to your phone inbox. It comes thrice in a week. Sometimes more than.

The point I’m trying to make is.

 We will never abandon you after your purchase, we will follow you up to ensure you have an amazing experience using our green coffee.

P: P: S: I have never seen any product seller that can give you the kind of guarantee we just gave you.

We have completely taken ALL the buying risks from your shoulders and placed them on ours.

Order the product, use it and if you’re NOT completely satisfied, let us know and we will send your money back.

Crazy right?

Now Place your order right now to start enjoying an amazing weightless experience.

P:P:P:s:   INCASE YOU ARE STILL SCARED If this will work for you, let me show you few of the testimonials from our past customers so you can see that this coffee is very effective

FOR QUESTIONS, CALL 09037650781.